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A good Translation of Marketing Text
must be professional and unique ... just like you !

BlueCrane Translations are uniqueAt BlueCrane Translations you'll find tailor-made help for the professional translation of your marketing text into German by a native speaker so that your unique products and services are offered abroad authentically.

Your website and brochures have to be translated from English into German because now you want to specifically market your products and services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - countries with enormous buying power.

You want to expand, are ambitious and have something important to say ... but how do you get your message across authentically in the German-speaking world? 

Your proposition is unique and you want to make sure that it is understood everywhere. 

After all, as a professional in your field of activity you have seen more than enough marketing text that was worded awkwardly or even had crude errors in it. 

That does more damage than good !

Your own knowledge of the German language is probably not sufficient for a really good translation. Chances are that you don't have anyone qualified enough for that in your company either - and you don't have the time to do everything yourself anyway. That's where I come in.

My name is Berend Lange, I am German and a freelance translator, have worked commercially in English-speaking countries for more than 24 years and now live in Austria.      

What exactly are you looking for ? 

If you have never formulated complex German text in writing at all you need a complete Translation. Some Editing will probably do if your German is a bit rusty or if you have a draft translation already, while Proofreading is enough to make sure your German text is OK technically.

And if your spoken German is not fluent enough for a serious conversation, business meetings and negotiations you need an interpreter.

My special area of expertise is the translation of marketing text for commercial websites, brochures, advertisements, articles, presentations, speeches and press releases.

BlueCrane Translations - text to go placesI have also made a name for myself as a translator of philosophical texts for personal development and regularly publish my own articles - here is an example : 'The truth about the Flying Dutchman'.    

The German-speaking markets with their immense buying power are indispensable marketing targets for any company these days - and yet I see many websites that either don't offer any German text at all, or do so with crude errors in it. That way, you don't have a chance here.

But there is more - in order to spark an interest in your offer you need to understand our European mentality and approach your prospects in a way they are familiar with. German is my mother tongue, I grew up here and I live here ... believe me, I understand the Germans and I know how to talk to them !

At BlueCrane, you're dealing directly with me personally, not with an agency or a big organization. I work thoroughly, I deliver on time and my rates are reasonable because I want you to come back with more work when you are happy with my first job.

Go easy on yourself - have your message worded by an expert. Avoid embarrassing mistakes and enjoy the confidence of accurate, convincing text in your documents.

You can afford that : the alternative will cost you a lot more dearly!

Any doubts ?
Is BlueCrane Translations right for you ?

If you want to see some examples of how I translate, write and deal with text : pay a visit to my page for Bilingual Quotes which you can also subscribe to by eMail, or read one of my own articles. You'll find that competence and integrity are my hallmarks.  

I know very well that you can find lots of translators on the Internet - and you are quite right to be skeptical : many of them are second or third rate; how do you know that I won't give you some crooked machine translation? 

BlueCrane Translations - 100% GuaranteeAre there any guarantees that I really care about the success of your business ... that I personally and competently phrase your text in a way that it gets your message across authentically? 

Yes! Contact me from here, refer me to the website or attach the brochure you want to translate ... and I'll have a look at it and give you a quote completely free of charge and without any commitment on your part.

If you accept my offer and are not 100% happy with my translation, I will reimburse you with 100% of the invoice amount up to 30 days after delivery - you can take my word for it. 

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